Producers' wines

Rémi et Clément Laporte, vigneron du Château Croix Beauséjour à Montagne Saint Emilion

Rémi and Clément are attached to this land received from their parents and firmly committed to producing the authentic and respectful wines. They produce 4 wines including 2 high-end.

To discover their wines please get in touch or visit the estate.

Croix Beauséjour

The traditional wine of the estate  is to be enjoyed young and will charm you with its fresh and fruity taste.

Cuvée Prestige

"Prestige" is matured in oak barrels, it offers complex aromas and a beautiful structure and is a wine for ageing.

Croix d'Arriailh

Black fruit, density and richness distinguish this exceptional wine aged for 12 months in new oak barrels. 

This wine has a long ageing potentiel.

from vines that are over 80 years old.


Cabernet Franc - Malbec


Mai-Ly or "plum tree flower" is the name of the last born of the family. Through this exceptional vintage and those 2  meaningful grapes of Bordeaux we share with you "the dream of legend". 

Le vin le plus prêt du ciel du Château Croix Beauséjour à Montagne Saint Emilion