Our tours

A choice of tours and stays to better understand Chateau Croix Beauséjour as well as its local products and its history...

A new renovated shop with a tasting room where you can taste our 4 differents wines  








terroir secret

Take advantage of a journey in the vines in order to discover their secret...Follow up to a tasting of 4 cuvées.


Price per person : 8€

Duration: 1h

Maximum capacity : 10 person


Journey in the vines accompanied of a heritage explanation of Montagne.

Tasting of the 4 cuvées with bread and cheese.


Price per person : 15€

Duration : 1h30 

Maximum capacity : 10 person

wine & chocolate

This tour follows the same path as the others and offers to taste our wines paired with chocolate.

The chocolate is from a local craft chocolate shop.


Price per person : 15€

Duration : 1h15 

Maximum capacity : 10 person